Tank Delivery

Please check with your store’s irrigation expert for delivery. Additional charges may apply for deliveries outside the shaded area.

Melbourne Rotomould Delivery Zone

Tanks 24000 litres and above are oversized loads and may require Vicroads permits at an additional charge depending on your location.


We will do our best to deliver to your timetable, but for speediest delivery being flexible helps.

Please advise when ordering if you have access restrictions or special requests.

Vehicles on site

Melbourne Rotomould delivery vehicles are up to 19 metres in length, 3.5m wide and 4.5m tall. Our vehicles may only enter your property provided:

  • it is safe to do so
  • clear access is provided for the vehicle (suitable pathway, adequate clearance each side and clearance above - this includes tree branches)
  • there is no risk of damaging the vehicle, the tank or your property (for example, we will not move tanks over a sealed driveway)
  • it can be done within a reasonable time frame (10 minutes)

Otherwise, tanks will be left at the nearest practical location at our driver’s discretion.

Tanks on site

Our drivers can generally place tanks next to the truck only. If tanks need to be positioned onsite, customers must arrange further assistance. The points listed above in ‘Vehicles on site’ also apply when moving tanks.

Round tanks 10100 litres and above and slimline tanks 4000 litres and above are extremely heavy; customers must arrange at least two able bodied people to assist the driver with unloading.

Tank delivery